Escape the Maze

This site is meant to challenge your programming skills.
Your goal is to build an AI that helps a Robot find its way out of a maze.
You will use a REST Api to receive input representing what the robot sees and your
program must interpret and learn from the input and then decide what the best path to the exit is.


The maze is built of walls of '#' characters, and it has an exit represented by 'e'.
Paths are printed as the character '-'.
The maze is randomly generated each time a new game is started.
The robot can only see one square in each direction and the valid moves are FORWARD, BACKWARD, LEFT, RIGHT.

When a game is started lets say the output from the Api is:
###;---;###; where ';' is a line break:


In this case, there are only walls in front of the robot.
The robot is in the middle so behind it there are also only walls.
Here the robot can go LEFT or RIGHT.
So if the robot moves RIGHT, the robot also turns right and in the next output it will see what was to the RIGHT as if it is in front of it.
If the robot moves BACKWARD, BACKWARD becomes FORWARD and LEFT becomes RIGHT.

If the Robot moves into a wall, the Api reports an error and you have to start a new game with a new maze.
When the exit is found the api returns "Exit Found!"
If the exit is found you will get a score where 100 is max.

Simple? I think you understand!
Good luck!

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